Andrew said:
You have great timing and the pictures really pop.  These are the best race photos I have seen.

 Good job, I hope you hit up some of the cycloc-ross races later on in
 the year.

Elizabeth said:
As always – you take the coolest, most beautiful pictures.

Yvonne said:
“…by far the best event photos I have seen… thank you very much and great job on taking such lovely photos.”

Lydia said:
Thanks so much. These are great photos.

Denise said:
My first 5K was the Friday Night Crystal City 5Ks. Thanks for the picture of me crossing the finish line….I love it!

Margaret  said:
Loved viewing all the photos

Chris said:
Thank you Brian. You have so many amazing photos.

Kris Ann said:
These pictures are amazing- creative works of art that capture the excitement of the Ex2 Day of Endurance and the inspiring setting. Photos from other event photographers leave us with the basic frontal shot coming down the trail. Thanks for the digital memory to carry through to next season.